I’m terrible at this….

I could say it is because I don’t have time, but that would be a lie. I waste plenty of time online these days. I am a veritable facebook addict… it is a PROBLEM.

I think it is because I just never really know what to say.

I am really excited about how things are going right now…. the wedding a few weeks ago was fun, but I haven’t been doing enough editing because I feel a little overwhelmed at the sheer volume of the images. I have narrowed a bit, but still have upwards of 700 images to edit. Deep calming breaths….

I have a shoot tomorrow I am excited about for several reasons. It will be really good to see an old friend… ok I’ll be honest, an old boyfriend … who I haven’t seen in years. But I’m also really excited to do something a little different. I’ve been doing portraits with personality and beautiful skin and colors. That has been fun to learn… Steve wants grungy, dark, low key and funky. Time to learn some new tricks in post! I’m excited for the shoot, the post work, the learning and new images for my portfolio. He’s getting a great deal and I’m getting some great opportunities from it. Who knows? Maybe this will be a new way to expand my business into the music world. Maybe not. Either way it should be fun.

Here’s to new experiences, taking the plunge into those wedding images and blogging at least once a week… even if I think I have nothing to say!


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