Losing my mind

I felt a little less like a professional and more like a bumbling idiot at our bridal consult last night. I really should put my foot down on where I hold the consultation I guess, or just be more prepared. For some reason I thought I had it all under control and then as I sat down with Mary to get all our pictures in order I realized how many things should have been on a to-do list. First thing…. make a to-do list. Seriously. I’m losing it.

Then we got there and I didn’t have the right cord because I’m losing it apparently.

Then the computer kept doing weird things and I was at a weird angle because I forgot the cord so we had 6 people crowded around my laptop. Losing it.

In the end I think we had a few spectacular shots, many great shots and some that are good and I need to not be so hyper-critical about. Still a lot of pricing/contract things to work out for next time, but all in all a positive experience. I’ll post photos when I find my mind… or at least in the next few days… the mind may stay missing.

Also, another Sassy Designs gift card giveaway. Have I mentioned how much I love this little shop? I really do…

Go win a $200 gift certificate from Sassy Designs Incorporated / @sassydesignsinc / sassy-designs.net at PaperieBoutique.com by @shutterblog


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