Ok so I really am not good at this blogging thing. Still working on it I guess.

Things have been going really well… a little crazy but I feel so grateful for the way it has been going.

I’ve had so many opportunities to shoot lately. Very few of them have been paying gigs, but a couple have and all of the free or gifted shoots will, I think, (I certainly hope…) help me out in different ways. Some of the pics I can post, several I cannot at parent’s requests (which I completely respect and understand. I am picky about where I put Jack’s picture online).

This shoot was for a friend and talented makeup artist, Elisabeth Lewis. More info. and links for her coming in the future – here are a few shots from that shoot. Gorgeous girls and AMAZING light that evening.


I also was able to talk my cousin and his adorable wife to let me do some maternity shots.

A newborn shoot and another group of cute kiddos rounded out my month and now I need to finish all the editing and design some more Christmas Cards. The design is made much easier and cuter because of the amazingness of Sassy Designs. Love it.

I feel so blessed. I’ve been working hard to become a better photographer – reading and studying everything I can get my hands on. The opportunities for education online have been incredible. I think I’ve improved greatly in the last year since I made the switch to digital… and working in color. It terrified me, but I’ve learned so much and am starting to get some feedback that makes me proud. Grateful. Prayers are answered.

Also incredibly grateful for the other blessings in my life. My amazing husband who does the dishes every night, lets me sleep in on Saturday mornings and is the hero of Jack’s world. The new life growing inside of me. It is amazing. I am astounded daily that it has come so easily – it is a miracle that I never will take for granted. Blessed.

So much going on… such exciting times. Here’s to the editing I need to do and the daily debate… work or nap? Momma is tired!!


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