Baby Mason Birth Story

Being just four years older than me, Lindsay was more of a big sister than an aunt! She made me watch scary movies that gave me nightmares (IT and Watcher in the Woods…), and pitched softballs at my head. “If you drop it, I’ll throw harder!”

Now, my family does girls really well. There are a lot of them! It is a bit of a running joke. I wasn’t really sure what to do when I found out I was having a boy… and then ANOTHER!

Then Lindsay told us all she was having a boy. Yeah right. Show me the proof! Well, here it is. The proof. And the proud daddy who finally gets his little slugger after three little girls. This little man has been trying to come for a while now, though he took his time that night! (I was T.I.R.E.D. the next day!). I was so happy to be there to document the wonderful birth of this beautiful, tiny, perfect little boy. Welcome to the world little man! Now, start eating already so you can go home!!


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