Well, the blog is still a little bit “under construction” so bear with me, but at least it is functional at the moment! I have several blog posts in the works once I get it all up and going… as well as some special GRAND OPENING deals, so stay tuned!

In the meantime…

I sure love these kiddos. We’re kinda sorta family – some kind of in-laws, though I don’t think there is an official title anywhere for how we are related. So we’ll just call them our FROUSINS! … I like to invent words sometimes …

James is one of Jack’s buddies… a darling, sweet and calming influence. We urge Jack not to have the opposite effect on sweet James! James LOVES all things cowboy! His favorite movie is “The Man From Snowy River.” He love horses, and endured having his picture taken up until the moment we let him change into his cowboy costume… then he was just having fun!

Hannah is a sweetheart. She was just baptized this last weekend. Congratulations Hannah! I’ve also watched Hannah swim a lot this year and watch out! She is getting good!

Here’s a few of my favorites from this fun session at Wheeler Farm. The perfect location for both these darling frousins. Love you guys!!

I absolutely LOVE this image … just a cowboy and his horse



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