Miss Banana … and … East High School Dance Company Concert 2012

I was 13 when Anna was born. Oh how I loved her. She spend Wednesdays at our house while my aunt was working and I would rush home from high school to hold her on my lap through hours of Barney and teletubbies. When she was crawling she would go to me over ANYONE else… sometimes even including her own mother! She gave me my nickname – Toe. I love it.

When I went away to school in Hawaii, Anna was 5. She would draw me pictures and send them in the mail. When I called home during family parties she would steal the phone and go off to another room “because I can’t even hear in there!” Oh how I loved that little girl.

She was the cutest bridesmaid at my wedding. After I was married, we would have awesome slumber parties with Mcdonald’s Happy Meals (PLAIN cheeseburger, nothing on it please!) and makeovers. Anna is AMAZING with nail polish!

Anna is 16 now… and is beautiful, kind and talented in so many ways. I was fortunate enough to photograph her Dance Company Concert this year. It was a blast. She is amazing. So this post is for her. I love you miss Anna Banana.. and it is for her inspiration, my sister Brooke who is also incredibly talented and who we miss terribly while she is away from us in California.

To see more pictures from the EHS Dance Company Concert, or to order prints click here: http://nicolemiles.instaproofs.com/