Well, the blog is still a little bit “under construction” so bear with me, but at least it is functional at the moment! I have several blog posts in the works once I get it all up and going… as well as some special GRAND OPENING deals, so stay tuned!

In the meantime…

I sure love these kiddos. We’re kinda sorta family – some kind of in-laws, though I don’t think there is an official title anywhere for how we are related. So we’ll just call them our FROUSINS! … I like to invent words sometimes …

James is one of Jack’s buddies… a darling, sweet and calming influence. We urge Jack not to have the opposite effect on sweet James! James LOVES all things cowboy! His favorite movie is “The Man From Snowy River.” He love horses, and endured having his picture taken up until the moment we let him change into his cowboy costume… then he was just having fun!

Hannah is a sweetheart. She was just baptized this last weekend. Congratulations Hannah! I’ve also watched Hannah swim a lot this year and watch out! She is getting good!

Here’s a few of my favorites from this fun session at Wheeler Farm. The perfect location for both these darling frousins. Love you guys!!

I absolutely LOVE this image … just a cowboy and his horse


Baby Mason Birth Story

Being just four years older than me, Lindsay was more of a big sister than an aunt! She made me watch scary movies that gave me nightmares (IT and Watcher in the Woods…), and pitched softballs at my head. “If you drop it, I’ll throw harder!”

Now, my family does girls really well. There are a lot of them! It is a bit of a running joke. I wasn’t really sure what to do when I found out I was having a boy… and then ANOTHER!

Then Lindsay told us all she was having a boy. Yeah right. Show me the proof! Well, here it is. The proof. And the proud daddy who finally gets his little slugger after three little girls. This little man has been trying to come for a while now, though he took his time that night! (I was T.I.R.E.D. the next day!). I was so happy to be there to document the wonderful birth of this beautiful, tiny, perfect little boy. Welcome to the world little man! Now, start eating already so you can go home!!

Simple Gifts

Finally enjoying the nice spring sunshine, I was reading on a blanket in the back yard. Jack played quietly in the yard. I lifted my head from my book to see…my.heart.just.melted. I have the sweetest boy. He is full of energy… all the time. He is rambunctious and loud and a wild wild man. And he is sweet, kind and compassionate. Love you bubba.

Miss Banana … and … East High School Dance Company Concert 2012

I was 13 when Anna was born. Oh how I loved her. She spend Wednesdays at our house while my aunt was working and I would rush home from high school to hold her on my lap through hours of Barney and teletubbies. When she was crawling she would go to me over ANYONE else… sometimes even including her own mother! She gave me my nickname – Toe. I love it.

When I went away to school in Hawaii, Anna was 5. She would draw me pictures and send them in the mail. When I called home during family parties she would steal the phone and go off to another room “because I can’t even hear in there!” Oh how I loved that little girl.

She was the cutest bridesmaid at my wedding. After I was married, we would have awesome slumber parties with Mcdonald’s Happy Meals (PLAIN cheeseburger, nothing on it please!) and makeovers. Anna is AMAZING with nail polish!

Anna is 16 now… and is beautiful, kind and talented in so many ways. I was fortunate enough to photograph her Dance Company Concert this year. It was a blast. She is amazing. So this post is for her. I love you miss Anna Banana.. and it is for her inspiration, my sister Brooke who is also incredibly talented and who we miss terribly while she is away from us in California.

To see more pictures from the EHS Dance Company Concert, or to order prints click here:

Frustration… and self doubt… and more frustration

It feels like three steps forward two steps back these days. I’ve been really busy this fall which has been awesome. I’ve been happy to do the jobs, finish up the last bits from the wedding I did in July (along with a great friend and great photographer, Mary Hedquist). It has been really fun.

And then I get really frustrated. I have set up some policies because I feel really strongly about a few things and one of them has to do with images on CDs. I know there are a lot of startup photogs out there who include all the pictures on a disc. I don’t. I don’t want to start, because I fear I will never be able to take them away and I feel like I put in too much time editing and perfecting images to just give them away like that. Some may say that a $75 session fee is hardly giving them away, but I say… compare around. I am hardly the most expensive out there. In fact, for what I do and the amount of time I spend with these images… I am fairly cheap. But seeing jobs walk away is hard to swallow. Jasmine Star would say “that is ok! You attract or repel.” Sure, maybe these clients wouldn’t be my ideal target clients. But it is till hard to watch it walk away when i am trying so hard to build up and work.

I have to constantly remind myself WHY I decided on that policy to begin with. I think I am worth it. I have to value my own work if I expect others to value it. There are some who do. Someday more will. It is just hard to wait for it and feel like I am doing something wrong when I am trying SO HARD to heed all the advice I have been given, the things I have studied, the words of the wise who I look up to and want to emulate in my work.

And self doubt.
And more frustration.


Ok so I really am not good at this blogging thing. Still working on it I guess.

Things have been going really well… a little crazy but I feel so grateful for the way it has been going.

I’ve had so many opportunities to shoot lately. Very few of them have been paying gigs, but a couple have and all of the free or gifted shoots will, I think, (I certainly hope…) help me out in different ways. Some of the pics I can post, several I cannot at parent’s requests (which I completely respect and understand. I am picky about where I put Jack’s picture online).

This shoot was for a friend and talented makeup artist, Elisabeth Lewis. More info. and links for her coming in the future – here are a few shots from that shoot. Gorgeous girls and AMAZING light that evening.


I also was able to talk my cousin and his adorable wife to let me do some maternity shots.

A newborn shoot and another group of cute kiddos rounded out my month and now I need to finish all the editing and design some more Christmas Cards. The design is made much easier and cuter because of the amazingness of Sassy Designs. Love it.

I feel so blessed. I’ve been working hard to become a better photographer – reading and studying everything I can get my hands on. The opportunities for education online have been incredible. I think I’ve improved greatly in the last year since I made the switch to digital… and working in color. It terrified me, but I’ve learned so much and am starting to get some feedback that makes me proud. Grateful. Prayers are answered.

Also incredibly grateful for the other blessings in my life. My amazing husband who does the dishes every night, lets me sleep in on Saturday mornings and is the hero of Jack’s world. The new life growing inside of me. It is amazing. I am astounded daily that it has come so easily – it is a miracle that I never will take for granted. Blessed.

So much going on… such exciting times. Here’s to the editing I need to do and the daily debate… work or nap? Momma is tired!!

Losing my mind

I felt a little less like a professional and more like a bumbling idiot at our bridal consult last night. I really should put my foot down on where I hold the consultation I guess, or just be more prepared. For some reason I thought I had it all under control and then as I sat down with Mary to get all our pictures in order I realized how many things should have been on a to-do list. First thing…. make a to-do list. Seriously. I’m losing it.

Then we got there and I didn’t have the right cord because I’m losing it apparently.

Then the computer kept doing weird things and I was at a weird angle because I forgot the cord so we had 6 people crowded around my laptop. Losing it.

In the end I think we had a few spectacular shots, many great shots and some that are good and I need to not be so hyper-critical about. Still a lot of pricing/contract things to work out for next time, but all in all a positive experience. I’ll post photos when I find my mind… or at least in the next few days… the mind may stay missing.

Also, another Sassy Designs gift card giveaway. Have I mentioned how much I love this little shop? I really do…

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Hello Blue Eyes or Let’s all jump back 10 years…

See, I can do better!

The Steve Lyman shoot was awesome. So much fun and I think we got some great images out of it.

Can’t believe how much fun my 10 year high school reunion was this past Saturday. I was excited to see some people, and definitely dreading seeing others… so I had mixed feelings about the whole thing. I ended up having such a good time seeing people I adore and just didn’t bother with the people I don’t so much so that was good. People said really nice things about me and it made my day… week… year… maybe life. It was amazing to hear that people actually see me the way I always wished they would. It made me feel great about the way I have lived my life and the way I have treated people – I’m glad they don’t remember some of the awful things I did/said… I’m glad people remember the positive and write off the rest with the drama of high school.

There is another giveaway for Sassy Designs… I love that little shop and have spent way too much money there in the last month or so. Who needs profits right?

And last, but not least, here are a few of my favorite shots from the Steve Lyman shoot. Check out more on my facebook page or on the Steve Lyman website (

I’m terrible at this….

I could say it is because I don’t have time, but that would be a lie. I waste plenty of time online these days. I am a veritable facebook addict… it is a PROBLEM.

I think it is because I just never really know what to say.

I am really excited about how things are going right now…. the wedding a few weeks ago was fun, but I haven’t been doing enough editing because I feel a little overwhelmed at the sheer volume of the images. I have narrowed a bit, but still have upwards of 700 images to edit. Deep calming breaths….

I have a shoot tomorrow I am excited about for several reasons. It will be really good to see an old friend… ok I’ll be honest, an old boyfriend … who I haven’t seen in years. But I’m also really excited to do something a little different. I’ve been doing portraits with personality and beautiful skin and colors. That has been fun to learn… Steve wants grungy, dark, low key and funky. Time to learn some new tricks in post! I’m excited for the shoot, the post work, the learning and new images for my portfolio. He’s getting a great deal and I’m getting some great opportunities from it. Who knows? Maybe this will be a new way to expand my business into the music world. Maybe not. Either way it should be fun.

Here’s to new experiences, taking the plunge into those wedding images and blogging at least once a week… even if I think I have nothing to say!