Baby Harvey

I love this family so very much. This momma is the kind of friend you dream about. I am always so excited to photograph her growing family the way I love to – in their home. comfy, cozy and comfortable. Life is REAL and REAL is beautiful. And so is your precious baby boy. I am so happy he gets to grow up in the clothes my own precious baby boys wore. It makes giving them up so much easier!

Baby Miya

This little princess was a joy to capture. She was a perfect little angel for her first photo shoot. She has darling parents who I adore, and I am so grateful to have been able to create these beautiful images of her. She is yum yum yummy! And it is clear that her beautiful parents are completely smitten with her. It also gave me a chance to play around with some soft matte touches on her editing and I think they are beautiful! What do you think?

New Baby Slade – A Birth Story

I really love shooting birth stories. It may be my favorite thing to shoot. There is just so much emotion and beauty in a room when a new baby comes into a family. It also doesn’t hurt when that new baby is coming into MY family! My amazing aunt Jaimi gave birth to her fourth baby girl last week and I was so excited that I was home and able to shoot the birth. She also was a TOTAL ROCK STAR and decided at the last minute to have the baby naturally. And she was incredible! So strong and powerful… it made me proud to be her niece, and a woman. We are awesome ladies! And of course, she looked beautiful through the whole thing. There were so many beautiful images to choose from for this blog post. I narrowed down as best I could…

Tell us how you really feel about it Tyler!


Yes, she really does look this amazing after just giving birth naturally! I know, it is totally unfair, but I love her anyway.


Not the baby sister any more. She doesn’t look sad to lose her title.


Life With Boys: Magic Touch

This conversation just happened:

“Mom, I’ve been thinking what kind of magic touch I want and I want the kind where it makes everyone my friend and nobody bes mean to me.

And also nobody ever has to go potty anymore and nobody gets sick from the wind when I touch the trees.

Wouldn’t that be a great magic touch to have?”

Me: “yeah bubba. That sounds great!” (Thinking of the make everybody my friend part)

J: “yeah then nobody would have to go pee or poop! That would be great!”

…life with boys…

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Mark and Emily Engaged!

I can’t even begin to tell you how incredibly excited I was to do this shoot!

There aren’t words that really describe what Emily is to me. Best and friend just don’t quite seem to cover it. Emily and I lived together for a few years in school at BYU-Hawaii. There is nothing quite like a roommate. She is the one person who has always had my back, been truly happy for me when good things happen and a support when things fall apart. She has seen me at my best and worst – literally and figuratively. I have always wanted and prayed for all the happiness this world can offer for my dearest friend.

Mark has been the love of her heart… well… always.  I am so honored that I get to be a part of their wedding process and thrilled to be able to capture a little glimpse of their love for them to treasure. I think these images are gorgeous. You can see how much these two love each other, and there is nothing more beautiful than that.

Back in college, we found a song called “Unsent” by Alanis Morisette. In it, she writes brief, but poignant letters to the lost loves of her past. At the time, I was playing around with writing – songs, poems, really bad essays etc. I decided to write an “Unsent” verse for several of my roommates, and a few for myself as well. I found them the other day.

Dear Mark,

You’re my best friend.

I want to thank you for the times you let me sit on your couch and bawl my eyes out.

I’m not sure when it was that I fell in love with you. It must have been a gradual thing that took years to happen.

I know our timing has never been quite right, but I dream about the day when I can just hold your hand…

…and tell you without resignation that I love you…

…and I want to spend forever in your arms.

Someday I’ll have the courage to say this all to your face, and until then I’ll patiently wait.

All my love,

Your Best Friend.

Thanks for letting me be a part of your love story Emily and Mark. I adore you both and am over the moon happy for you! I can’t wait to capture your wedding day next month. Love love love! -Parky

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